When we learned that we were expecting a baby, we were already planning a couple of trips almost immediately after her birth.


That`s why when I was thinking about what to buy for the future baby, one of the most important criteria for me was “transportability.”  And also, I didn`t want to spend too much money for “the baby`s stuff” in case we would have to leave behind something during one of our trips.

Here is the list what was bought for my newborn and what I liked to use in the car, train, and airplane.

Our first trip happened to be when the baby was about 2 months old. It was a 10 our trip by car. She was 2 and a half months old when we flew with her on an airplane (4 hours in the airplane, Texas-Portland). Her first international flight was a flight to Panama (6 hours in the airplane) and her first transatlantic flight happened a month later; she was 6 months old and it was a flight from Texas to Copenhagen.  I can continue but I think that you`ve got my point already – I am talking from my real experience. Hope it will be useful for you too.

You can find the special article about how we flew with a baby less than a year old by following this link. In this article, I am talking only about “the little traveler equipment.”

  1. A portable baby crib.

Made by “Graco,” a crib that includes a changing station and a little bassinet for the first months after the baby birth. The cost is about $60-100 on Amazon.com.

Spain.  Outside terrace.

This crib worked great for us great for almost 15 months and the only one reason why we started to use less lately is that we travel less now than before.


What I like about this crib is that it`s very easy to extend and fold. Here is a YouTube video about how to assemble the “Pack `n Play” by Graco. It`s really easy.

Besides, in hotel rooms, rented apartments, and overnight at the grandparents, the baby should sleep somewhere.  It’s better if it’s his or her own bed.  You can take this crib with you on the plane; it is perfectly formed and weighs a little over 10 kg. We pack it into one of the bags, the rest of the contents of the bag load the usual things.  ß this sentence makes no sense at all.

A useful thing: a portable scale. As soon we began to carry all of our “kit” for our child, extra clothes and many other things, there was a question about the weight of the bags. So we found a portable scale, very small and convenient, and now we use it regularly. I also use it after some “good shopping” to be sure that my bag is not too heavy.

By now this baby crib has visited 8 states, 6 countries and our baby slept there almost every night until she was 15 months old. We didn`t have any complains about this crib. Only now, after we`ve settled down does she have a regular (not portable) baby crib. There is no doubt that our “Pack `n Play” will be taken with us we will decide to travel again.

Panama City, Panama. Lift in the hotel.
Panama City, Panama. Lift in the hotel.

 2. A stroller.

 I had some specific requirements for a stroller.  One of them – the stroller should be able to be extended into a flat sleeping position. Most of the baby strollers in the US look like a car seat – where the baby sleeps in the seating position. I believe it isn`t good for the baby`s back and it`s simply uncomfortable for babies.  So here is what I wanted from my future baby stroller:

  •  It must be able to be extended to a bassinet when it`s necessary;
  • It must be a stroller for an active Mom: mobile and portable;
  • Not too heavy and bulky;
  • Easy to use;
  • Must be able to extend into a seat when the baby is able to sit (6-8 months old or older);
  • It should have a big and roomy basket.

I had all of these requirements but at the same time I didn’t want to pay thousands for a stroller, because with our life out of a suitcase I didn`t know for how long would I be able to use it. It could be quite possible that in a few months we would have to leave the stroller behind and buy a new one in a new country.

Active Mom.
Active Mom. Texas, USA.

So I looked thru many websites and narrowed my selection to 2 choices:

–  «Contours Bliss 4-in-1 Stroller».

The stroller has high ratings from parents (details can be found here). The manufacturer also provides a detailed video on YouTube showing how to use this stroller. Here is a review on YouTube from one of the users; the stroller is shown in action.

What I liked about this stroller:

«Contours Bliss 4-in-1 Stroller».
«Contours Bliss 4-in-1 Stroller».

– the stroller converts to a bassinet and back to a stroller again;

– it’s not too heavy for a stroller of this type;

– it is spacious with a high “luggage” basket;

– the wheels look robust and mobile;

– the handle height is adjustable;

– the cradle can be removed and taken with you into your home, a friend’s home, or while shopping;

– this stroller has a universal adapter that allows you to the car seat on it if necessary.


Why I did not buy in the end?

Actually, I liked everything in this stroller, except one thing – the cradle has a very strange configuration in which the baby is lying on a flat surface, but it is a little “hollowed out.” The manufacturer explains that this is one of the modern results of years of research in the field of pediatrics and orthopedics … maybe, but personally, I don’t buy it.

– Photon Stroller by I`COO.

This is the one I bought.

This stroller is manufactured in Germany and I like German’s products, they are very reliable.

Here the stroller is shown in the “action”.

Why did I buy it and why do I still like this stroller?

Photon Stroller by I`COO
Photon Stroller by I`COO
  • for me, the stroller also has two basic and important positions: the cradle and the seat;
  •  the cradle can be removed and exchanged with a car seat – which is very convenient – it includes a universal car seat adapter;
  • the baby can lay absolutely flat;
  • the seat has two basic positions, can be positioned at different heights, and it is convenient in its actual use;
  • the wheels are very maneuverable (I run with this stroller, and it turns well at running speed);
  • the weight of the stroller is in the 11 kg range (23 lbs), which is very good for this type of “all in one” or “transformer stroller.”

 An important feature for parents whose babies suffer from acid reflux or colic: our pediatrician recommended keep the child in an elevated position.  Luckily, the I`COO Photon baby stroller  has this option. As a result, our baby slept in the stroller instead of her bed for her first months, until she was no longer tormented by tormenting reflux.

We used this stroller for over a year and we were happy with it. There are just a couple of more things you need to know before buying it:

best baby strollers for traveling

  • be sure that it fits in the elevator of your apartment building if you have to use an elevator, because this stroller is quite large;
  • if you are going to travel with this stroller as a single Mom, it could be too heavy for you, because yes, this stroller has a light weight for the “transformers” group of strollers, but it`s not the lightest one in the world;
  • if you are going to use the stroller in countries with low air temperatures, like Finland, Russia, Sweden or Norway… you probably should buy a different type of stroller, because it`s not the best choice for the cold winters.

Both of the strollers: Photon Stroller by I`COO and Contours Bliss 4-in-1 Stroller cost about $400-450.

  1. Addition equipment for a little traveller.

About the stroller we chose, the Photon Stroller by ICOO – we bought a separate car seat for our baby and carried it with us everywhere: in the car, on airplanes, and in trains… It`s just a simple car seat for babies (infants) by Graco; the price was about 80-90 dollars.

Graco car seat

So the total, “equipment” weight for a child is:

  • stroller – 11 kg.
  • portable crib – 8 kg.
  • car seat – 4.3 kg.

 We also bought and actively used for changing diapers, and baby sleep in an airplane a portable cradle. They come in different shapes and forms. They are designed for children up to 4 months, but we used it till 6 months. To sleep on a plane on a short hop fits perfectly, also very well suited for changing diapers.  I like the fact that it also folds into a small bag, which also serves as a cover for the mattress and bed sheet and easy to carry.



Of course we had a baby wrap. Ours calls “Boba wrap”.  (the price is about $40).  Honestly we didn`t use it too often, but it`s still was quite useful until the age of 8-9 months.

 For those parents whose babies get used to sit in wraps, about the age of one year you`ll need to buy wrap that doesn’t stretch. My friend Linda carries her baby in the wrap constantly. She gave me some advice about  wraps that are strong enough for the babies of 1 year old and older.

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