Hello, my name is Anna!Ruskie

This website was created like a little help-book for people who are thinking about moving to another country, those living in a foreign country already but still have some questions, and for those who are happy where they are now but would like to get more information “just for curiosity.”

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“Another life” was created to help you to answer questions like:

* Should I think about moving abroad?

* What is it like traveling with a baby?

* Does anybody really have a second (or a third) passport?

* What kind of life is out there?

* How to make my dreams, to live where I want and how I want, to come true?

* How do I start?

The website is also a blog, and the blog tells you a story of my real life. I was born in Russia, traveled around the world, met my husband, moved to the United States of America, got my green card, became a resident of the Republic of Panama, and then after all, I decided to move to Europe. I also talk about how my husband and I chose Spain as the place where we would live, buy a home and raise our children (for now).

I talk not only from my own experiences, but also as a lawyer. I received a master’s degree in law from the Nizhegorodskiy State University of Law (Russia). Since 2005 I have worked as a partner of a law firm and as the founder of a law and real estate project “Precedent Consulting”. My specializations are international law and real estate. Since 2014 I started my blog in Russian  and English , where I share my personal experience about living abroad, getting a second (and a third) citizenship, buying property overseas, establishing residency in different countries, and about operating an international business.

I hope that this web-site will help other people not only answer some questions but also to realize that there is nothing we are not able to do, and that the most impotent step is just to start and ask yourself: “Is it possible?,” answer “yes,” and then read my blog.

If you have your own story that can help other people to do something: to buy, to move, to ship, to develop, to get… you are welcome to send it to me and I would be happy to publish it on this web-site. Your experience can help others!

Thanks for coming! I hope you`ll return soon.

If you have any questions or a story to share, please contact me: