Let`s say that you are in the position that you`ve applied for your Spanish residency or for extension of your existing residency in Spain, but don`t have a your residency card yet. Yes, sometimes it takes longer then you possibly can imagine and much longer then you can wait. And now you need to leave Spain for business or leisure, what to do?  You will have to get a spanish return permit (return authorization), a document which lets you come back to Spain with no problems. This article will tell you how to do it step by step, based on my personal experience.

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Step 1: Submit all the papers for obtaining your residency or renewing your residency in Spain.

Step 2: Wait till you will get a letter saying that your residency is approved. This letter looks more or less like a photo below and says that you`ve been granted your temporary residency in Spain.

Residency in Spain approved
Residency in Spain approved

Note: Without this letter you cannot apply for autarizacion de regress, so you are pretty much stuck in Spain:)

Step 3: Download and fill out form EX-13 (Modelo EX-13), which calls “Solucitud de autorizacion de regreso”.

How to fill out Modelo EX-13? Here is how I did it:

  • Datos de extranjero/a

Write down the data of your passport, your NIA, your name and your nationality.  Mark your marital status and write your address in Spain. It`s pretty simple.

  • Datos del representante a effectos de presentacion de la solucitud.

I completely missed this part.

  • Domicilio a effectos de notificaciones.

The same, didn`t fill this part out.

  • Datos relativos a la solicitud

I marked the first circle because it was my situation (I was getting a travel parole during the process of renewing my residency). For “motivos” (reasons for applying for a re-entry permit) I put down a necessity to travel with business purposes.

The rest of the form I left blanked.

Modelo EX-13
Modelo EX-13

Step 4: Prepare the following documents:

  • Copy of ALL pages of your passport (and an original of course)
  • Copy an original of proof of your residency (Step 2)
  • Copy and original of your residency card if you have one or your national visa if it`s your first time of applying for residency in Spain
  • Copy and original empadronamiento
  • You also may present your airline tickets or something else you have s proof of a necessity of traveling. It`s optional. But if you have something additional to show, why not, right?

Step 5: Download and fill out Modelo 790 codigo 052.

Just write down your name, NIA, address, nationality. Choose “principal” and mark paragraph 6.3. “Autorizacion de regreso”.

Modelo 790, codigo 052
Modelo 790, codigo 052

Step 6: Pay 10.40 EUR in a local bank.

Step 7: Present all the papers from  Step 4, plus Modelo EX-13 and Modelo 790 at the local Oficina de estranjeros.

I got my travel parole – autarizacion de regreso in 3 day after submitted all the documents. It looks just like on the photo below and I attached it to my passport.

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Hope it was useful for you and if so, please share this article on one of the social media you use. Thank you and good luck with getting your own autarizacion de regrso in Spain.

Autorizacion de regresso 2017
Autorizacion de regresso 2017